Rates and Payment

Rates and Payment

Standard Hourly Rates (NZ$)

Standard Hourly Rates (plus GST (if applicable))

Chris Patterson (Director) - $650.00

Senior Staff Barristers - $450.00 to $550.00

Intermediate Staff Barristers - $370.00 to $400.00

Junior Staff Barristers - $300.00

Law Clerks - $200.00

Barristers' Support Staff - $120.00 to $150.00


Pro Bono

Chris provides a proportion of pro bono work for parties who are not entitled to legal aid.  Chris is also a member of the lawyers pro bono panel operated by the Sports Tribunal of New Zealand.  Pro bono instructions will be accepted subject to the New Zealand Law Society code of ethics relating to barristers and workload.


Contingency (No Win No Fee) and Litigation Funding

I offer a number of contingency fee arrangements tailored for specific plaintiff cases.




Why do I ask for a retainer

I regularly request that a retainer be paid at the commencement of any new instruction as security for my work in progress.  I usually issue fee notes every fortnight, or as soon as possible at your request.  It is my preference that our fee notes are paid on receipt and that my retainer is returned to you once my final fee note has been paid.


Where is the retainer held

The retainer is always held in a solicitor’s trust account.  As with all barristers, I do not have a trust account.  Your retainer cannot be accessed without your written permission, usually by way of an email, approval.



Preferred Payment Methods

Invoice Basis

To make the process of paying as easy as possible our invoices can be paid via bank transfer, online credit card payment or Bitcoin.

  • Bank Transfers should be paid to my ANZ account number: 01 0297 0561385 00
    For international transfers the ANZ Bank SWIFT code is: ANZBNZ22
    Please include the invoice number as the reference.
  • Please contact me to make a credit card payment via PayPal.
  • On request a unique Bitcoin address can be generated for an invoice.